Do you have a relative or friend who lives in a care home or is currently staying in hospital? Have they been assessed as lacking capacity to consent to their care and support? If so, they are likely being deprived of their liberty and may be under a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard (DoLS).

DoLS are granted after the Local Authority co-ordinates and undertakes six different assessments and one of those assessments deems it to be in the person’s best interest to receive that level of care where they are.

DoLS is a complicated legislative process with lots of jargon and sometimes this gets in the way of making sure people have their rights upheld.


We’re here to help

We are facilitating online Information Sessions to support relatives and friends to learn more about the DoLS process and what that means for their loved one.

The sessions provide:

    • A forum for relatives to share experiences and gain peer support in a safe, confidential environment.
    • Information on the DoLS process, supporting legislation and the person’s rights in an easy to understand way.
    • Information on the different roles, responsibilities and rights including Relevant Person’s Representatives.
    • An opportunity to explore options, choices and raise concerns.


Relatives are welcome to attend every session or adhoc when they have a certain query, or the need arises.


Our First Session

On Tuesday 2nd March, the advocacy team facilitated their first session. Afterwards one of the attendees said, “Thank you all so much for last night’s meeting…It was the most uplifting and we had so many questions answered and we now have a plan going forward.


Upcoming Sessions

Our Information Sessions run every 3 weeks on a Tuesday evening from 6 till 7pm via zoom. Come along on:


  • 23rd March – 6-7pm
  • 13th April – 6-7pm
  • 4th May – 6-7pm
  • 25th May – 6-7pm
  • 15th June – 6-7pm




Book Your Place

If you would like some more information or to book your place please contact our Advocacy Hub on 03003 038 037 or email