During these unusual times it’s important that we are all keeping informed and up-to-date with reliable and trustworthy information. With that in mind, we have collected easy read information and valuable resources from a range of respected sources so you can stay connected and stay informed.


Follow any of the links below to find out more about a range of topics.


General information

A letter from the Prime Minister
What is shielding?
How to NOT spread Coronavirus



Advocacy and your rights


If you are ill or have a health condition

Coronavirus and health issues
Coronavirus: What if you get ill?
Blank Health Passport
Important advice to keep you safe from Coronavirus


Washing your hands

Wash your hands more often 


Looking after your feelings and keeping connected

Looking after your feelings and body
Guide to Whatsapp
Video conferencing made easy


Resources from Makaton

Lanyard cards
Coronavirus information
What is the Coronavirus?


Guidance to healthcare staff from NHS England

Clinical guide for supporting patients with learning difficulties 


Useful Videos

Stay at home
If you are ill or hurt 
People at more risk