Reasonable Adjustments

If you are attending hospital with a loved one and they are being asked to leave, you can ask the hospital and clinicians to allow them to stay as a ‘reasonable adjustment’.

Reasonable adjustments are made by hospitals to remove barriers, to do things in a different way, as well as to provide something additional to enable you to receive the assessment and treatment you need.

Depending on the particular circumstance there may be certain situations where this is not possible. Family members should then discuss with clinicians how they can ensure their loved ones needs are being met and adjustments are being made in their care and how, for example, health passports are being used to support this.

Health Passports – Info from NHS Website

‘A healthcare passport is a document about you and your health needs. It also contains other useful information, such as your interests, likes, dislikes and preferred method of communication.

Healthcare passports can be very useful if you have to go into hospital. As well as giving hospital staff details about your health, the other useful information can help staff make you feel more comfortable.’

You can download a blank health passport here.

NHS Guidance to Clinical Staff

To help medical professionals provide the care you need, NHS England has published a clinical guide with  key points for  treating a patient with a learning disability or with autism who is suspected of having or is known to have coronavirus.

The guide contains key points that are useful to consider.

You can download the easyread version here.

You can download non-easyread version here.