We are pleased to introduce our new Director of Healthwatch, Kerry Prescott. Kerry has been working for the last four years as the Manager of Healthwatch Lancashire where she has developed a deep understanding of Healthwatch’s work and its role in the lives of local people. Kerry will now bring this knowledge as she works across Lancashire and Cumbria, leading our Healthwatch Lancashire and Healthwatch Cumbria teams and providing strategic oversight and leadership.

Kerry has over 10 years’ experience managing health and social care services within the voluntary sector with a particular interest in supporting people with additional needs, disabilities and autism.

Kerry will join the senior leadership team of People First, ensuring that our extensive programme of engagement is delivered.

Healthwatch is in place to hear the voice of local people, to listen to their concerns and amplify their voices. Kerry is passionate about local people being fully involved in shaping, designing and supporting services to deliver outstanding care.


Kerry Said

“It’s a honour to have been appointed to lead Healthwatch in Cumbria and Lancashire. I am deeply committed to my team, speaking with as many people in communities as possible, listening to their concerns and worries and helping them to get the services that they deserve.

“We all deserve great care and treatment and I am committed to making sure that through sound engagement, creativity and co-production that we have services that we would be proud to recommend to our own loved ones as well as for anyone in our region.

“I’m passionate about the opportunities this presents: a chance to champion people’s voices so that service providers and commissioners know what it’s really like to use health and care services


What next

Kerry will lead the Healthwatch teams as they continue their work, ensuring that the experiences and voices of local people are at the heart of health and care services.

Coming up, this will include exploring challenges around dental provision, access to GPS, transitioning back to face-to-face contact with our local communities and raising Healthwatch’s profile across our region.


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