This month, People First launched an exciting new programme, We Are All People First. Designed to enhance community self advocacy groups; to ensure they cater for people involved in Transforming Care now and in the future, the project will bring together the self advocacy community to enhance health prevention awareness.

A core part of the project is the employment of two Experts by Experience (individuals with learning difficulties) who will work with us to deliver information to communities in the West and in the North of the county. We are very excited that these are real employment opportunities for people with learning difficulties.

This week, Stef and Hannah, took part in this programme’s first event by visiting the Brampton Community Centre. Spending time with the Better Together group -supported by Heathlands- Stef and Hannah ran a pop up session about Self Advocacy and how important it is to have your say.

Describing the project, Stef said: “I am extremely excited to be embarking on this new project and to be working along side someone with a learning difficulty. Often they are overlooked so, for someone to have this chance is amazing. They will have real; lived by experience of the things we are trying to cover so their knowledge will be really valuable.”

Hannah continued: “I am looking forward to the work we have planned for the new We Are All People First project. It is brilliant that this project will employ two experts by experience and give them the opportunity to have paid employment.”

Through this programme, our staff will work with the Experts by Experience to provide training sessions to build skills of self confidence and peer support and raise awareness of opportunities available to connect with others who have been through similar experiences.