Recognising that the Coronavirus pandemic has exposed long-standing inequalities across the UK, Advocacy organisations have come together to produce a landmark report: ‘Valuing Voices: Protecting rights through the pandemic and beyond’.

This new report warns that during the pandemic:

  • disabled people and care home residents have seen their human rights breached
  • access to independent advocacy and health and social care cut

The report also explains the actions that could prevent a repeat of these problems, as the second wave of coronavirus sweeps over much of the UK.

About the report, Advocacy Director at People First said: ‘The pandemic has shone a light on the health inequalities people are facing on a daily basis. For those experiencing social exclusion, who have difficulty communicating and experience discrimination, this is particularly so.’

Lindsay continued: ‘The law is clear. Even in times such as this, it is unacceptable that so many people are being denied their legal rights to appropriate care and treatment – and even their liberty. At a time when challenges are so profound, respect and protection could not be more important.’

The report is the result of a survey of nearly 450 advocates. Advocacy organisations across the UK, including People First, worked in partnership to run the survey and launch the report. The project was supported by NDTi.

Thank you to all advocates and customers who shared their experiences with us and informed the report.



To find out more, download the report, take a look at the video below or search #ValuingVoices on social media.