This week we had the pleasure of taking our self advocacy project, ‘We are all People First’ online. Self-advocates. Experts by experience. Professionals. We embraced the digital world of video calls and joined together online to talk, and raise awareness, about the importance of safeguarding and feeling safe.


Going online

Originally planned as a face-to-face event, we took to our webcams to meet up online instead. Focusing on the topic of safeguarding, this week’s event was the latest in a series planned over the course of 2020 and beyond.

Highly interactive and rooted in conversation, we saw a lively mix of attendees including self advocacy group members ans experts by experience. We were also joined with industry professionals as we explored the important topic of safeguarding.

Hearing from a range of backgrounds, experiences, knowledge and perspectives, our attendees were engaged and contributed to a lively and informative discussion.

We covered topics including safeguarding policies, knowing who the safeguarding lead is in organisations, places to go for safeguarding training, places of referral/signposting and the importance of safeguarding.

During the event we heard advice and tips from members and experts. One attendee told us “If you have a sense that something isn’t right then ask them if they are okay. Remember you are not alone and to speak up if you have any concerns as there will be someone who can help you.”

Thank you to everyone who came along to this event. We’re very happy to be able to connect with our customers and members through these online methods and we’re grateful that you were able to join us. Talking about important topics like this help us all to be informed, confident, and connected with others. We look forward to the next event.


About We are all People First

We Are All People First is designed to enhance community self advocacy groups; to ensure they cater for people involved in Transforming Care now and in the future. The project brings together the self advocacy community to enhance health prevention awareness.

We are all People First:

  • aims to enhance community self-advocacy groups and ensure they cater for people involved in Transforming Care now and in the future. Training sessions, for citizens as self-advocates and their carers/neighbours, will be co-produced and delivered with experts by experience across the 8 Integrated Care Communities in North Cumbria.
  • bring together the self-advocacy community to enhance health prevention awareness based on the LeDeR programme. This includes increasing the number of people who are registered with and are known to a GP, increasing the uptake on Annual Health Checks by people with learning disability and/or autism and promoting the use of Hospital Passports.
  • builds skills of self-confidence and peer support and raises awareness of opportunities available to connect with others who have been through similar experiences.