During our first meeting after the Christmas break, the members of our Workington Self Advocacy Group were visited by WEA (Workers Education Association). WEA came along to deliver a short course about relationships. As part of the course, the members learned about different types of relationships, discussed healthy relationship behaviour and personal boundaries.

There were some interesting discussions about appropriate behaviours around different individuals such as friends, work colleagues and people in authority.

We talked a lot about personal space, how to respect and uphold our own and others’ boundaries and how to read a situation.

There was an in depth discussion about social media. Different members had different opinions on the appropriate use of social networking sites.

Every member said they enjoyed the course and said they looked forward to future learning.

The group facilitator, Stef said ‘Thank you to WEA for joining our Self Advocacy Group. Our members really appreciated and valued the time you spent with us. Discussing and embracing  relationships is a core part of a balanced and enriched life and we’re grateful that you came to support us in this conversation.’

Our Workington group is every 4 weeks at our office on Oxford Street. The next one is on the 6th February and we have a visit from an organisation call See-ability. Come along if you are interested.