Universal Advocacy

Universal Advocacy is about empowerment, helping people to speak up for themselves and access services they want or need.

At People First we believe that people should be treated equally, fairly and with respect.We believe that people should be listened to and included in all decisions about every part of their lives.

We know that this doesn’t always happen and work to tackle these inequalities by supporting people to be empowered.

We do this by providing information to help people tell others what they want. This can be self-help information to help people make complaints or it could be information on different organisations and services that are available locally.

You can telephone us on 03003 038 037 or chat to us using the live chat on this website to tell us what you need and we will help you to find it.

Comments from people who have accesses advocacy from People First:

“I feel so much better that I have found out about People First, I didn’t even know it existed. I will definitely use your service as I feel I will be listened to”

“For the first time in years I feel someone is listening to me”