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Direct Payments Support Service

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Direct Payments can help you to have greater choice over the way your care services are arranged and provided.

If you currently receive direct payments or you’re interested in finding out more, our friendly and impartial team are here to help you with advice and support.

Our experienced Direct Payments Support team consists of:

  • Independent Living Co-Ordinator's (ILCs) are here to help you throughout your journey with Direct Payments and Personal Health Budgets. We have dedicated Independent Living Co-Ordinator's throughout Cumbria who are able to complete face to face visits.
  • Payroll and Managed Accounts team, offering a specialised service to our customers. This team works from our Carlisle office and are contactable via telephone or email to respond to your queries.

How can we help?

Following your assessment your local Independent Living Co-Ordinator will receive your referral from the Local Authority or NHS. They will contact you to discuss how you would like to use your Direct Payment or Personal Health Budget to meet your needs.

Your Independent Living Co-Ordinator will explain to you what your responsibilities are, they can include becoming an employer, buying services from an agency or dealing with self-employed workers.

Your Independent Living Co-Ordinator will also explain to you your options to manage the funds yourself, or if you would like People First to manage them for you.

Managing your own funds

The Local Authority or NHS will pay your funds on to a pre-payment card, or a child's Direct Payment designated bank account. The individual, or representative, will and make all payments to the services being received as detailed in the costing plan.

Your managed account

The Local Authority or NHS will pay funds to an account which People First will hold. Together with your Independent Living Co-Ordinator, a costing plan will be created to meet your needs and if you are employing a Personal Assistant, we will ensure the plan has everything you need as an employer. People First will make all payments on behalf of the individual to the services detailed in the costing plan.

If you are employing staff, you will be given the contact details of a Payroll Officer who will complete the payroll on your behalf. If you choose for us to manage your Direct Payment or Personal Health Budget, you will also be given the details of our Managed Account team to answer your questions and provide support.

Get in touch

To find out more, reach out to our team by:

Call us on: 01228 317070

Email us at: [email protected]

Our values shape everything we do

  • Chris
    Independent Living Coordinator - South Lakes
    01228 474960
  • Debbie
    Independent Living Coordinator - Barrow
  • Declan
    Independent Living Coordinator - West Cumbria
    01228 236343
  • Gary
    Independent Living Coordinator Manager
    01228 236358
  • Isla
    Independent Living Coordinator - Carlisle
    01228 474961
  • Judith
    Payroll and Accounts Manager
    01228 317070
  • Kinga
    Payroll Officer
    01228 317070
  • Lauren
    Payroll Officer
    01228 317070
  • Linda
    Payroll Officer
    01228 317070
  • Megan
    Payroll Team Leader
    01228 317070
  • Michael
    Managed Accounts Officer
    01228 317070
  • Rachael
    Training Co-ordinator
    01228 474707
  • Sara
    Independent Living Coordinator - Eden
    01228 474809
  • Shauna
    Independent Living Coordinator - South Lakes & Furness
    01228 236371
  • Stef
    Payroll Officer
    01228 317070

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