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What is Self-Advocacy?

Self-advocacy is understanding your needs, communicating those needs effectively and understanding what type of support you need. Often, decisions are made on your behalf which may affect your well being and it is your right to speak up and express your feelings and wishes on these decisions. 

Our Self-Advocacy Groups

Our groups take place in Carlisle, Workington, Kendal, Barrow, Accrington, Preston and Lancaster.

    What happens in our Self-Advocacy Groups?

    Our meetings offer you the opportunity to understand your rights, choices, care, and support needs so you can make informed decisions every day. We will provide you with all the information, resources, and materials to help you with making these decisions so you can live the least restrictive life possible. 

    How will it help me?

    Self-Advocacy Groups can help you to:

    • Meet others in a friendly environment who have similar experiences.
    • Develop new skills and learn how to speak up for yourself.
    • Learn from invited speakers on a range of topics.
    • Go on outings with other members in the group.

    Our values shape everything we do

    Meet our Inclusion team

    • Caitlin
      Self Advocacy Development Team Leader
    • Carmen
      Sessional Expert by Experience
    • Cat
      Inclusion Consultant
    • Chris
      Youth and Community Worker
    • David
      Project Worker
    • Debbie
      Expert By Experience - CTR
    • Emma
      Self Advocacy Support Worker
    • Geoff
      Expert by Experience
    • James
      Self Advocacy Team Leader - Lancashire
    • Jane
      Sessional Expert By Experience
    • Joanne
      Sessional Expert By Experience
    • Kirsty
      Head of Inclusion
    • Laura
      Walk Leader and Expert By Experience
    • Linda
      Sessional CTR
    • Lucy
      Inclusion Team Administrator
    • Lulu
      CTR Coordinator
    • Maria
    • Mark
      Project Worker
    • Mary
      Sessional Expert By Experience
    • Nicola
      Sessional Expert By Experience
    • Olivia
      Sessional Self Advocacy Support Worker
    • Rachel
      Sessional Expert by Experience
    • Richard
      Project Worker
    • Richard
      Project Worker
    • Sam
      Youth and Community Team Leader
    • Stephen
      Project Worker
    • Trevor
      Sessional Expert By Experience

      Frequently Asked Questions

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