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Our Direct Payment Services

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Independent help on direct payments

Our team supports adults and children using direct payments or Personal Health Budgets; and people who pay for care privately.

We offer a Payroll Service, assistance to recruit and support our customers to manage their staff, training for Personal Assistants and disclosure and barring service checks for personal assistants.

Our experienced staff are always on hand to help, so that you can get the best out of living independently.

Direct Payments Support Service

If you need personal care or support services, we offer impartial advice and assistance to help you. Direct payments from the local authority allow you more ownership and control of your care.

Personal Health Budgets

Personal Health Budgets are a way of personalising your health and wellbeing care, based around what matters to you.

If you’re looking to access a personal health budget in Cumbria, our team are here to help. We’ll work with you to ensure you have the information and guidance you need to organise your own support.

Payroll Services

A full, friendly and personal payroll service to help you to employ your support staff. Our Payroll Officers will support you and guide you as you manage your staff.

Our values shape everything we do

Meet our Direct Payments team

  • Chris
    Independent Living Coordinator - South Lakes
    01228 474960
  • Debbie
    Independent Living Coordinator - Barrow
  • Declan
    Independent Living Coordinator - West Cumbria
    01228 236343
  • Gary
    Independent Living Coordinator Manager
    01228 236358
  • Isla
    Independent Living Coordinator - Carlisle
    01228 474961
  • Judith
    Payroll and Accounts Manager
    01228 317070
  • Kinga
    Payroll Officer
    01228 317070
  • Lauren
    Payroll Officer
    01228 317070
  • Linda
    Payroll Officer
    01228 317070
  • Megan
    Payroll Team Leader
    01228 317070
  • Michael
    Managed Accounts Officer
    01228 317070
  • Michelle
    Independent Living Coordinator
  • Rachael
    Training Co-ordinator
    01228 474707
  • Sara
    Independent Living Coordinator - Eden
    01228 474809
  • Shauna
    Independent Living Coordinator - South Lakes & Furness
    01228 236371