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Dying matters: Support in your area

Hospice UK's awareness week 'Dying Matters Awareness Week 2024' is period that encourages us all to get talking. This year's theme focuses on the language that we use, conversations we have around dying and death of both ourselves and people we love. 

Through a recent survey carried out by Hospice UK, they found:

  • 45% of people who completed the survey prefer for direct language to be used when talking about dying and death. 
  • 33% preferred language that is softened such as 'not going to make it' and 'we are unable to do anymore'. 
  • 62% of respondents said that during the period their loved ones health declined, the healthcare professionals communicated very well or quite well. 
  • 36% of respondents said that they were left with  some degree of uncertainty about the likelihood of their loved ones dying after speaking with healthcare professionals.

If you are someone who is dying or you know of someone close to you who is, there is support available to you as you go through this process. 

We have collected together a list of services across Cumbria, Lancashire and Teesside that are available for you to reach out to. Whether it's hospices, counselling services or other services, they are there to help you. Through sharing advice, offering one on one support, or providing you with socialised information to make sure you feel informed, supported and empowered.