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John's story with Young People First

John (not the participant's real name) was 16 when he joined his first youth activity. Initially, he appeared unsure and nervous, but he stuck with it and continued to come along to future activities.

John continues to attend Young People First activities and found enjoyment in attending our Walking Club. He enjoyed the independence of having his own map, being out in the community, and walking independently from his caregiver. 

Through social activities organised by People First, John made new friends and responded positively to increased social interactions. John's new friends provided him with peer support and encouraged him to get involved with other activities, including cooking and arts and crafts.

John also began to feel more confident, opening up and connecting with his peers. This newfound confidence aided John when he began attending our 16-25 club where he felt comfortable talking to new people and trying new activities.

John now attends activities independently; contributing freely to discussion and embracing opportunities to try new things. John describes Young People First activities as 'Super awesome' and welcomes new group members with a smile on his face.

To find out more click the link to take you to the Young People First's page on our website.