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The latest from Healthwatch Cumberland

This August, we kicked off our latest project which explores the issue of digital inclusion and how many people in our community are excluded from services because they struggle with technology.

Since you last heard from us, we have also put together a work plan, setting out which projects we will take on next and presented it to our Board of Trustees. 

Living in a digital world post-Covid

Chloe and Gareth with Medical students, speaking to the public.
Chloe and Gareth with Medical students, speaking to the public.

Digital isolation is the subject of our latest project, as we ask: how does it feel to live in a digital world post-Covid?

It is our role to speak to people about their experiences of health and social services, making recommendations on how services can be improved based on your feedback.

As the people’s champion in the health sector, we want to hear people's experiences of the 'Digital Divide.'

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Trustees back our vision for year ahead

Engagement officer standing with NHS staff member
Engagement officer, Chloe, standing with NHS staff member

Our 2023-24 Workplan has been endorsed by our Board of Trustees in our recent AGM. 

Plans for the year ahead include projects exploring digital inclusion, men's mental health, safeguarding and addictions.

Every year, we present our work to the board for feedback and to ensure we are meeting our obligations as your health and care watchdog.

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Here's what you had to say about your area

Chloe and Michelle out at event
Chloe (Engagement Officer) and Michelle (Volunteer Coordinator) out at event

Healthwatch Cumberland has an important role to play in speaking to the public about their experiences of health and care services.

This is so that we can make recommendations to decision-makers on how to improve their services, enacting positive change.

We recently co-designed a project - Here for You, focussed on what matters to residents of our communities.

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"Every voice counts when it comes to shaping the future of services and improving them"

Share your experiences of accessing local health and care services by visiting our online Feedback Centre.

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Healthwatch in the community

Our Senior Engagement Officers, Chloe and Deborah represented Healthwatch at Brampton Community Centre Open Day on July 23.

They joined a variety of Cumberland community groups and organisations and despite the good old British summer weather (torrential rain), a great time was had by all!

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