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The Power of Self-Advocacy Groups

For over 30 years People First has been rooted in the delivery of high-quality self-advocacy. It was as a self-advocacy group that our founding members came together to establish our organisation.

Self-advocacy means speaking up for yourself; it means knowing your rights and being able to make choices that affect your life. People first have proudly facilitated self-advocacy groups across Cumbria and have been excited to develop this network in Lancashire.

A self-advocacy group offers a friendly space where people can meet others, learn skills around confidently speaking about their needs, and how to speak up.

Our team of peer advocates work with local people with learning difficulties, local organisations, and agencies to raise awareness of self-advocacy and build on the group’s members.

The groups help people to share their experiences, influence change and empower one another. These growing communities have been involved in sessions around health and wellbeing, hospital facilities, and what to do if you experience issues with ill health. Future sessions will be covering the cost-of-living crisis and issues that can come from its knock-on effect of it.

Self-advocacy groups can also offer:

  • The chance to talk to others with similar experiences to you
  • Develop new life skills
  • Improve your confidence around speaking up
  • Learn from invited speakers on a range of topics
  • Have a say in changes to health care services
  • Go on outings with other group members

You can find out more about our self-advocacy groups by: