Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. A family member. A friend. A colleague. However, not everyone knows how to check themselves for cancer. This can be especially prominent for those with learning difficulties who can sometimes struggle to understand changes to their body, miss or not know about about essential screenings. This is where Be Cancer Aware comes in, a course co-designed by People First’s Experts by Experience, Lou and Pam.

This week, our Experts visited the Workington self advocacy group to raise awareness of cancer screenings and to encourage open conversation. Using their experience of living with learning difficulties, Lou and Pam empowered the group to learn vital information about cancer and its signs.

The group, encouraged by previously knowing Lou and Pam, embraced this opportunity and entered into open and honest discussion.  Most told the group of times they had been affected by cancer and shared stories of their experiences. There was a fantastic response from the females within the group who all openly talked about their cervical screening experiences. It wasn’t all serious though, the group’s discussion of sample collection led to a particularly colourful conversation.

By the end of the two sessions, the group developed an impressive knowledge of the subject. They were able to identify an impactful list of things which would increase and decrease someone’s chance of getting cancer and they demonstrated a deep understanding of the importance of early intervention.

Recognising their hard work and commitment, Lou and Pam were delighted to present each member of the group a certificate to show their successful completion of the course.

Well done Workington –  you embraced this opportunity with outstanding enthusiasm and dedication.