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Arthur's Story: Standing up and speaking out.

Arthur’s story: Standing up and speaking out

Our advocates work to ensure that people are fully represented in the decision-making processes that impact their lives. Our Care Act Advocates support people to be involved in all decisions around their care and treatment. 

Below is a case study of Arthur, (not his real name) and how we helped.

Arthur's story

Arthur is a young man living in a supported living location. His parents had raised concerns around his support and care needs being meet by his provider. Arthur has been excluded from trips away with other residents due to him using a wheelchair. He also had moderate learning disability’s as well as Cerebral Palsy, therefore dependent on help to support his personal and medical care.

A safeguarding concern was raised and the advocate then supported with a new assessment of Arthur's needs. Throughout this process Arthur’s parents were supporting him, however they felt he needed someone independent to support Arthur further through the review of his care. It was important that Arthur knew that he could decide where he wanted to live and feel able to express his hopes and wishes without feeling like he might upset his parents.

Support from an Advocate

An advocate met with Arthur regularly throughout the process to build a relationship. As well as talking to Arthur about his choices, reiterating his views and wishes were key. To help Arthur decide what was best for him, the advocate created a story board for each of his options and identified through discussions what was important to him. Together they explored what could remain the same and what he may have to give up with a change of location.

Some of Arthur’s wishes included keeping his current personal assistants, continuing to volunteer at a local organisation, fixing his gait trainer so that he could continue strengthening his legs and exercising more and living somewhere with wider corridors so that he could manoeuvre himself with greater ease.

The impact

Arthur did get all his wishes adhered to and successfully moved assisted living locations.

The advocate visited Arthur after he had settled into his new home saying; 

“I had the pleasure of meeting him at his new home, fit for a king that he is. It has exceeded his parents and Arthur’s dreams.”

Want to know more?

Download our Care Act Advocacy guide and FAQs for further reading.