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Direct Payments: Independent Living Coordinator (ILCs)

Empower your choices with Direct Payments: your gateway to greater independence

Direct Payments offer a pathway to enhancing your control and choice over the way your care services are organised and delivered. Whether you're already benefiting from Direct Payments or keen to explore this empowering option, our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our Direct Payments Support team is made up of experienced professionals, including Independent Living Coordinators (ILCs), who are committed to providing friendly and useful services tailored to your unique needs. Across Cumbria, our network of Independent Living Coordinators (ILCs) stands ready to offer personalised support.

Following your assessment, your local Independent Living Coordinator (ILCs) will receive a referral from the Local Authority or NHS, they will contact you to discuss how you would like to use your Direct Payment or Personal Health Budget to meet your assessed need. Your Independent Living Coordinator (ILCs) will explain to you what your responsibilities are, which may include you becoming an Employer, or what is needed when buying services from Agency or Self-Employed Workers. Your Independent Living Coordinator (ILCs) will also explain your options to manage the funds yourself or if you would like People First to manage the funds for you

Together with your Independent Living Coordinator (ILCs), a costing plan will be created to meet your needs within your Support Plan. If you are employing a Personal Assistant, your Independent Living Coordinator (ILCs) will ensure the costing plan includes everything you need as an employer. Once the costing plan has been agreed upon by the Local Authority or NHS, your Independent Living Coordinator (ILCs) will work with you to set up your package. 

The support may include:

  • Personal Assistants - Recruitment, Contracts of Employment, Job Description and DBS checks
  • Supporting with Self-Employed workers, including checks
  • Setting up Employment Liability Insurance
  • Setting up Payroll, showing you how to complete timesheets and where to send them
  • Setting up Managed Accounts Service

Your Independent Living Coordinators (ILCs) will outline various options for managing your funds, whether you prefer to take charge independently or entrust People First with the management process.

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