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NHS Complaints Advocacy: How we can help

At People First, we have a team of advocates who are ready to help you if you feel that you need some advocacy support.

Advocacy helps you to understand your rights and have your say. Our Advocates will stand with you to help you be heard when it comes to the decisions that affect your health, family and well-being.

We work independently from all health and social care services, standing 'shoulder to shoulder' with people to help you 'speak up' when you need support.

NHS Complaints Advocacy:

Independent NHS Complaints Advocacy supports people to raise concerns and complaints about NHS care and treatment. The Government recognises that the NHS don’t always get things right and it can be challenging for people to raise concerns and complaints. It is your right to have support from an Independent NHS Complaints Advocate if you are unhappy about any NHS care or treatment you have received. an NHS complaints advocate can help you by: 

  • Feel confident to raise your concern or complaint
  • Understand the NHS complaints process
  • Know who to raise your complaint to 
  • Explore your rights and options at every stage to help you decide what to do 
  • Access self-help information 
  • Find out about other services or organisations that can help 
  • Compile and submit your complaint

If you would like to find out more about how our NHS Complaints Advocacy can help you, please read our 'Good to Know' guide here.

Support from an NHS Complaints Advocate is free, confidential and independent from health and care services.

If you think you are eligible for an NHS Complaints Advocate, please reach out to your social worker or local Adult Social Care office.

If you have tried to contact your social worker or local office and have had difficulty, please contact us directly and we can help you.