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Over 100 advocates attend online training

From across the UK, over 100 advocacy professionals came together to attend online training designed to share best practice and champion collaboration.

The People First Advocacy Team, together with Gaddum Advocacy and York Advocacy, teamed up with NHS England to facilitate a unique training session to support advocates to find out more about Discharge to Assess.

Bringing together professionals from a range of organisations, the session was an opportunity to work together in partnership whilst sharing experience and ideas.

What is Discharge to Assess

Discharge to Assess – sometimes called Transfer of Care – is the support people receive from health and social care professionals to return home safely after an admission to hospital.

For advocates, having an up-to-date knowledge of the Discharge to Assess process helps ensure that customers are given the information they need when they need it.

What happened during the session

The lively and informative session covered topics including:

  • Key principles
  • Best practice
  • Discharge to Assess and Advocacy in Practice

Led by colleagues from NHS England, the training concluded with a Question and Answer session in which advocates had the space to find out more.

The outcome

With over 100 attendees, the training session provided a unique opportunity for advocates to bring their expertise together to learn and to develop. Feedback from attendees highlighted the quality of the information and provided suggestions for future sessions and opportunities.

Thank you to all colleagues from advocacy organisations across the UK and NHS England for attending and contributing. We'll see you again soon.