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Marys Story: The power of being heard

Mary's story: The power of being heard

Our advocates work to ensure that people are fully represented in the decision-making processes that impact their lives. Our Independent Mental Capacity Advocates support people who have been assessed as lacking capacity to make a specific decision.

Below is a case study of Mary, (not her real name) and how we helped.

Mary’s Story

Mary’s mental health started to deteriorate during covid because of this she ended up in a care home as her husband could no longer manage to provide support for Mary. This caused a lot of friction in the family as Mary’s son felt that his farther gave up too easily on his mother and he almost blamed him for Mary ending up in a care home.

When Mary first went into the care home she was struggling with her condition as she would not leave her room or get out of bed. Mary would refuse to have showers and ate her meals in bed, when family visited, she would barely speak to them especially her husband. When Mary’s husband visited it would end up in arguments and some aggression from Mary.

Mary’s son felt that she was misdiagnosed with dementia and does not belong in a care home environment.

Support from an Advocate

Mary had previously been supported by other advocates that she has not been able to develop a strong relationship with. PF looked to at the most appropriate Advocate and matched then to give Mary the best chance of building a positive relationship with them. Eventually Mary would let the advocate spend time with her, go into her room and talk through her wishes and feelings

The impact

Mary was in fact comfortable and felt safe where she was, her mental health was improving and she was getting out of bed at mealtimes, she was allowing her family to visit regularly and taking regular showers.

The advocate was able to ensure that Marys wishes and feelings were at the heart of the decisions being made. Whilst Marys views differs from her families it was accepted that Mary wished to remain in the care home. Where she felt happy and safe.   

Want to know more?

Download our Independent Mental Capacity guide and FAQs for further reading.