On Thursday 4th July members of the Talk-Active project took part in the ‘Give a Day to the City’ scheme. The Talk-Active project supports young people (10-18) with learning disabilities, through a range of activities and workshops.

‘Give a Day’ to the City scheme encourages members of the community to get involved in projects in their local area which are for the benefit of others.

Members of the Talk-Active project supported work to create a sensory garden at William Howard School. The school was keen to create a space that students could use to relax.

The young people were given full control of this project for an afternoon. They designed the layout of the garden, picked the plants and flowers, laid the soil and completed the planting.

This session supported the key objectives of the Talk-Active project. Young people expressed their thoughts and opinions when planning the layout of the garden, they experienced success by creating a wonderful space for young people to relax in and demonstrated their own strengths by working as a team and communicating effectively.

The School were delighted with the garden. They praised the young people on their creativity and hard work and thanked them for their contribution. The young people really enjoyed being part of this project and recognised the value that it will bring to the school and young people for many years to come.

Talk-Active Summer Programme